Our Philosophy


History and creativity are written LARGE by us.


History and espacially several historical craftsmanships fascinate us for years. This fascination shows itself in the professional education as archaeologist and it led to the development of the Bockschen Werkstatt.

The products of our ancestors - as archaeological finds, pictorial sources or written tradition - are for us an example for:

  • the mechanic working methods and
  • a sustainable and cautious dealing with precious natural resources and materials.


Fascination HANDicraft: Very early the people knew how to make unique products with their hands and some tools. Working with our hands fascinate us because you see how each piece is formed, that each piece is unique and that it is an endless learning process. We want to make unique items with our hands.


We want to use the nature without destroying it. Hence the historical products serve as source for our replicas and as inspiration for our own designed products. We try to save the environment and the resources with the help of the surviving craftsmanships.


It is a personal matter to share our fascination with others and to preserve and share the (historical) craftsmanships.


We learn from the past for the present and for the future.