About this Website

Bockscher Handwerksladen is an onlineshop from the Bocksche Werkstatt. It is a sole proprietorship.



Mag. Renata Bock

Hollabrunnerstraße 124

2020 Oberfellabrunn



Contact details

Telephone: +43/664/120 46 05

E-Mail: bockschewerkstatt@aon.at


Business purpose

Manufacture of ornamental objects and objects of utility to own artistic designs.

Arrangement and organisation of courses and seminars.



Tax identification number

USt-IdNr.: ATU50645306


Member of WKNÖ (Economic Chamber of Lower Austria)


Applicable legal provision: commercial code (www.ris.bka.gv.at)

Regulatory authority/trade authority: district administration Hollabrunn


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