Bocksche Werkstatt

Welcome to the Bocksche Werkstatt!


  • On the Kreativhof Weinviertel HISTORY and CREATIVITY are capitalized.
  • Our aim is to preserve the historical craft and to pass it on.
  • We focus on daily life and the craft and give away story of wars and major events.
  • We encourage you to explore your creativity and live out.
  • We manufacture in handicraft items made ​​of leather, enamel, bronze, wool, etc. All pieces are made ​​by us on the Kreativhof in Upper Fella Brunn from high quality materials.
  • We work according to their own ideas, or historical patterns and templates to your liking.

Creative Courses - workshops

Creative Courses - workshops

With our courses, you can:

  • various craft techniques to learn
  • own workpieces make
  • Develop their creativity