Historical clothing and accessories

Historical clothing and accessories

The clothes are either entirely hand sewn, or the inseams are sewn with the machine and the visible seams are sewn by hand. The first clothing was sewn with the machine occurs only in the 19th Century on.

The sutures used correspond to the historical. Is as sewing thread hand stitching in either linen or wool yarn used (plant natural color or dyed).

Our dresses are made to measure . Each piece is individually made. We can also manufacture garments according to your ideas or images. We can advise you regarding appropriate clothing for different epochs.

The delivery time for garments, is approximately 3 weeks from receipt of order.

For our clothes, we use wool or linen fabrics. The fabrics are available in various thicknesses and colors. The wool fabrics can be dyed or chemical plant.

We produce the clothing (as far as is possible) in your favorite colors, let us know your favorite colors in the transmission of measurements with.

We need your exact measurements, taking measurements, please refer to the right under Maßskizzen.



Wool fabrics

Wool fabrics

We offer here fabrics which we use ourselves by the making of the clothings.

You can chose between vegetable or chemical dyed fabrics. The quality and colour of the fabrics is hard to determine only on the basis of pictures and descriptions.

You can order swatches of our fabrics for free.

Send us your adress via E-Mail or use the contact form.

We will send you the swatches in a few days by post.

Scale Drawings

Offered by us to measure clothing is sewn, so we need your measurements.