You place value on handicraft, natural materials, individuality and quality? You look for something unique, something special, something that fits exactly your wishes?


We offer handmade individual products from high-quality natural materials. Our products are made by us with different craftsmanships out of leather, enamel, wool, linen and metal (bronze, copper, silver).


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Each piece is a custom-made item and is made by us in loving handicraft. Therefore every single product is something special, a unique item. And so that you can enjoy your new individual favorite piece for a long time, we pay attention to the quality of the materials and the manufacture during every of our working step.


We work based on historical references, our own design or you individual ideas and wishes. Because of our handicraft the options of individualization are almost unlimited.


Bockscher Handwerksladen

Products based on historical references - clothing, accessoiries, jewelery for historical interested people.

Bocksche Kreativwelt

Products based on our own designs - jewelery, accessoiries, bags, belts, leather book cover, picture frames, for the daily use.